Building a Next-Generation Data Architecture: Key Capabilities and Strategies


Over the past few years, most organizations have deployed new data technologies to meet evolving business demands for agility and innovation. The ongoing adoption of cloud services is a perfect example. At the same time, most organizations also have legacy infrastructures in place to consider that, in varying degrees, rely upon more traditional approaches to data management. The overall impact of this common scenario at enterprises is an increase in the complexity of data architecture.

To stay competitive, new approaches to designing, implementing, integrating, and managing the systems that collect, store, process, and analyze data are needed. From the rise of data-centric models and decentralization to the shift towards real-time data processing and modular platforms, important shifts are taking place in the world of data architecture. To help IT decision-makers and data professionals navigate the key capabilities and strategies to consider for 2023, DBTA is hosting a special roundtable webinar on January 31st. Reserve your seat today!

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