How to Architect Highly Available Apps for Scale in the Cloud


Modern applications are overwhelmingly data-intensive. Users expect instantaneous, personalized experiences and have zero tolerance for downtime. These applications are increasingly global in nature, as well (think Spotify, Uber, or Square) and have complex needs in trying to balance both consistency and locality.

Scaling an application that meets the performance, resilience, consistency, and locality requirements can be challenging, even under the best of circumstances. Join this webinar on January 24 to learn how to architect for scale from the man who literally wrote the book on it.

Lee Atchison, author of O'Reilly's Architecting for Scale, will discuss important architectural and organizational concerns around scale including the following:

  • How scaling affects the availability of your services, why that matters, and how to improve it
  • Modern service-based application architecture that ensures high availability and reduces the effects of service failures
  • Single Team Owned Service Architecture paradigm (STOSA) — a model for scaling your development organization in tandem with your application
  • How to understand, measure, and mitigate risk in your systems

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Lee Atchison
Cloud Strategist
Author of Architecting for Scale
Andrew Marshall
VP Product Marketing and Developer Relations
Cockroach Labs
Stephen Faig
Research Director
Unisphere Research
and DBTA