Operationalizing Data Observability: Best Practices and Critical Strategies


Have you ever looked at a dashboard and thought "why is this data all wrong?" How about a stale report you could have sworn was updated just a few hours ago? If so, you're not alone. The solution to the "what happened to my data?" problem? Data observability, the ability to understand the health of your data at each stage in the pipeline. In this webinar, we will dive into how teams can operationalize data observability, explore best practices, and proven strategies that empower teams to achieve reliable data across at scale.

In this session, we will highlight:

  • How to track the five pillars of data observability: Dive into the 5 critical features of any data observability strategy: data freshness, volume, schema, quality, and lineage.
  • How to implement comprehensive monitoring and detection: Learn how to configure and customize monitors to provide real-time insights into the health and quality of your data, enabling proactive issue detection and resolution, through the lens of Monte Carlo's data observability platform.
  • How to create incident management workflows: Explore best practices for setting up incident response teams, defining escalation paths, and leveraging collaboration tools to facilitate efficient incident resolution and minimize data downtime.
  • How to reduce noisy alerts and streamline communication: Learn how to integrate data observability with popular collaboration and communication platforms, such as Slack and Microsoft Teams. Discover strategies for seamless information sharing, setting up data domains, and configuring real-time notifications that don't cause alert fatigue.
  • How to conduct a blameless post mortem: Learn how to conduct post-incident reviews, capture valuable insights, and implement preventive measures to enhance data quality and reliability over time.

In addition to these best practices, we will discuss advanced strategies for operationalizing data observability, including leveraging automation, machine learning, and AI-powered analytics to optimize monitoring processes and drive data-driven insights.

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Glen Willis
Solutions Architect
Monte Carlo
LaShawn Fugate
Information Today