Enabling Real-Time Data and Analytics: Key Considerations and Best Practices


Right now, more than half the subscribers of DBTA magazine are focused on real-time analytics. In fact, when we asked our readers about capabilities that they consider most valuable to their company over the next five years, real-time analytics was the number one answer. Today, organizations are hungrier than ever for information that can be acted on as events occur. From speeding up decision making to improving operational efficiency and enhancing customer experience, real-time analytics have become a key ingredient in the success of an ever-growing number of business goals.

At the same time, the volume of real-time insights to downstream applications can be a challenge, and this data has a short shelf life and there is a high demand for fast, easy access from employees, partners, and customers. Most legacy data infrastructures struggle to support the speed and scalability requirements. Greater awareness of new platforms, tools, and strategies is essential. To educate IT leaders and data professionals about key considerations and emerging best practices, DBTA is hosting a special webinar on December 7th. Reserve your seat today!

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