New Database Technologies and Strategies in the Cloud and AI Era


From the adoption of hybrid and multi-cloud architectures to ongoing advancements in machine learning and automation, the world of database management is evolving quickly. While traditional relational and NoSQL databases remain firmly entrenched within most organizations and continue to expand in capabilities offered, new types of databases are also gaining prominence such as distributed SQL databases, graph databases, time series databases, and vector databases. Moreover, the list of tools available in the market to help database teams manage, modernize, streamline, and fortify is constantly expanding.

To educate IT leaders and database professionals about the newest technologies and strategies paving the way in the cloud and AI era, DBTA is holding a special roundtable webinar on July 18th.

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Domenic Ravita
Principal Product Evangelist
Cockroach Labs
Yujian Tang
Developer Advocate
Avishek Mukherjee
Operational Data Director
Stephen Faig
Research Director
Unisphere Research and DBTA