2023 Modern Data Architecture Trends: New Market Research and Guidance


Cloud data warehouse, data lakehouse, data fabric, data mesh? And what about real-time analytics and streaming IoT data? Right now, IT leaders and data architects have a plethora of architecture patterns and enabling technologies to consider when evaluating strategies for modernizing their data infrastructure.

To shed light on the adoption and maturity of trending data architectures, Unisphere Research and DBTA joined forces with Radiant Advisors to launch an inaugural study on modern data architecture trends. Join this special webinar for a lively discussion about the survey results on how organizations are evaluating these trends, including the potential business value and challenges of each and key drivers for adoption. You'll hear the latest market research, and real-world experiences for a deeper understanding of modern data architecture strategies to better navigate this evolving space. Sign up today.

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John O'Brien
Principal Advisor and Industry Analyst
Radiant Advisors
Jonathan Thornbury
Chief Architect
Chad Meley
Steve Sarsfield
Director, Analytics & AI
Stephen Faig
Research Director
Unisphere Research and DBTA