Data Engineering for Hybrid and Multicloud Environments

Data Engineering for Hybrid and
Multicloud Environments

In a brand-new study, 48% of DBTA subscribers reported that the majority of their data now lives in the cloud. And not only is more data going to the cloud, but it's also going to a greater variety of clouds. Increasingly, data is distributed across hybrid and multicloud environments – a strategy that can help organizations increase their agility and flexibility while taking advantage of best-of-breed solutions and avoiding vendor lock-in. However, as data infrastructures become more complex, data management can become more complicated.

For data engineers tasked with making sure data is readily available, secure, and accessible to stakeholders across the enterprise, this growing hybrid and multicloud world often comes with challenges as well as opportunities. To help IT leaders and data engineers navigate the key technologies and strategies for success, DBTA is hosting a special roundtable webinar on January 25th. From data integration, governance, and observability, to optimizing data pipelines, this roundtable will cover all the top issues.

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