Big Data 2.0: The Post-Relational Reality Sets In


Big data challenges and opportunities are rapidly taking on a different form. No longer the domain of monoliths like Facebook and Yahoo!, the “big data” problem is seeping into every enterprise. Non-relational data in the form of business documents, social and web content, as well as information generated by smartphones and email systems are stretching IT’s ability to effectively manage, govern and store it. Perhaps even more importantly, the competitive and operational advantages these vast and rapidly growing data stores may yield are not yet widely understood or enabled.

Join Database Trends and Applications president Tom Wilson and MarkLogic Corporation's Edd Patterson VP Technical Solutions for a special one-hour webcast that will re-focus your attention toward the nature and scope of the unstructured data challenge, and enlighten you on the key challenges managers face as this emerging information asset becomes more broadly recognized as a competitive and decision-making tool. Learn to identify and how to begin accessing and leveraging these unstructured data stores - ask questions and get answers. Learn to leverage Big Data, and in particular unstructured data, from DBTA and MarkLogic.

Tom Wilson
DBTA and Unisphere Research
Edd Patterson
VP Technical Solutions
MarkLogic Corporation
Audio is streamed over the Internet, so turn up your computer speakers!