Scaling your NoSQL Database to the next dimension

  Scaling your NoSQL Database to the next dimension
THURSDAY, MAY 14, 2015
11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET
It's widely known that NoSQL databases provide the performance and scale that power many of today's enterprise applications. In the past, scaling your database meant adding more nodes to your clusters, regardless of what services those clusters powered.

But now, you can enable Multi-Dimensional Scaling within your NoSQL database clusters. Multi-Dimensional Scaling allows enterprises to separate, isolate, and scale individual database services (query, index, and data) to:
  • Improve application performance
  • Reduce hardware costs
  • Eliminate resource contention
  • Optimize hardware for individual services based on workloads
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Anil Kumar
Product Manager
Stephen Faig
Business Development Manager
Unisphere Research and DBTA
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