Data Discovery: The Balance Created by Modern Data Modeling

Looker: Data Discovery
Data Discovery:
The Balance Created by
Modern Data Modeling
The focus of modern business intelligence has been self-service; pushing raw data into the hands of end users quickly with an accessible user interface so they can get their own answers fast. This has alleviated a major pain point — data have-nots created by complicated, IT- dominated solutions.

However, this new world of self-service BI brings with it it's own issue — data chaos. When everyone is looking at the data their own way, people find different answers to the same questions. To strike the balance, you need a solution that can offer both: governance without bottlenecks and self-service without chaos. Data modeling is a huge, valuable component of BI that has been largely neglected. In this webinar we will discuss Looker's novel approach to data modeling and how it powers a data exploration environment with unprecedented depth and agility.

Some topics we will cover:
  • A new architecture beyond direct connect
  • Language-based, git-integrated data modeling
  • Abstractions that make SQL more powerful and more efficient
  • Live demo of this solution on raw NYC Taxi data.
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Stephen Faig
Business Development Manager
Unisphere Research and DBTA
Shohei Narron
Data Analyst
Anika Kuesters Smith
Data Analyst