Data Management Best Practices for Effective Machine Learning Projects


The adoption of machine learning in the enterprise continues to grow as businesses—hungry for automation and intelligence—strive for greater efficiency, agility, and innovation through the digital transformation of legacy processes. From the rise of MLOps to the advent of TinyML on IoT edge devices, established use cases and lessons learned from early adopters are paving the way for new trends, practices, and an expanding array of applications. At the same time, many projects are still subject to ongoing technical challenges, including data quality, integration, and governance, as well as difficulties architecting and optimizing models and pipelines.

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Julian Forero
Senior PMM
Steve Franks
Senior Solutions Architect
Zohar Vittenberg
Data Science Team Leader
Zach Imholte
Deployment Strategist
Stephen Faig
Research Director
Unisphere Research and DBTA