When NoSQL is the Right Database for the Job

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Interest in NoSQL databases continues to peak as more and more organizations adopt various types on the market and spread the word about their benefits. However, NoSQL is not for every situation - and it is best thought of as a complement to, not a replacement for, your existing RDBMS.

Join us for a special DBTA webcast on February 6th to learn:
  • The Key Use Cases For NoSQL Databases
  • How NoSQL Databases Can Complement Your RDBMS
  • Best Practices For Integrating NoSQL Databases with Your RDBMS
Featuring Unisphere's Joe McKendrick and Oracle's Dave Segleau, this is a can't-miss webcast for any RDMS user - Oracle or other - interested in gaining a practical understanding about using a NoSQL database at their organization.

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Stephen Faig
Business Development Manager
Unisphere Research and DBTA
Joseph McKendrick
Lead Research Analyst
Unisphere Research
Dave Segleau
Director Product Management