2015 View from the Top: Progress DataDirect

BenedictView From the Top by Mike Benedict, President, Data Connectivity & Integration

If you’re alive, you’re dealing with data—whether it’s with email at work or a wearable device that tracks your daily activities. In a short time, we’ve evolved from slow mainframes to a hyper-connected world generating an avalanche of data. Today’s enterprise must be agile while still tapping into the opportunities available in the convergence of big data, databases and cloud sources.

To respond quicker to changing market conditions, you need to fully leverage the power of your data. This requires easy access to the data enabling business intelligence. You must also deliver an amazing experience to your customers while fostering peak performance within your organization. In short, you must become a high-performance organization by managing the volume, variety and velocity of data.

Progress® DataDirect® leads the way in high-performance data connectivity. DataDirect has years of experience with the high-performance connectivity your business needs for on-premise, cloud, big data and other data sources. DataDirect takes care of business behind the scenes, so you can focus on your core mission. Progress® Easyl® is our self-service data preparation solution that eliminates manual steps so you can get to insights faster and easier.

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