Neil Raden

Principal Analyst
Hired Brains Research

Neil Raden is an industry analyst, consultant, and widely published author and speaker and the founder of Hired Brains Research, providing thought leadership, context, and advisory services in Information Management, Analytics/Data Science, AI, AI Ethics, IoT Edge Analytics, and Process Intelligence. Neil is the Principal Investigator and author of "Ethical Use of Artificial Intelligence for Actuaries," sponsored by the Society of Actuaries and is the co-author of the first book on Decision Automation, “Smart (Enough) Systems” Neil is a Contributing Analyst to the enterprise software site, and co-authored the Dresner Advisory Services Wisdom of BI series on Advanced and Predictive Analytics. His career spans roles as an actuary, software engineer, founder of system integration firm Archer Decision Sciences, publisher, advisory board chairman at Sandia National Labs and independent industry analyst. He lives with his family on a ranch just outside Santa Fe, NM.

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