Special Report: Gaining Maximum Advantage with MultiValue Technologies

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David Cooper 

Lead Developer

BlueFinity International—A Member of the Mpower1 Group: 

Over the past 12 months, BlueFinity has been actively working with key business application development and delivery technologies. We have an aggressive product roadmap that will encompass all aspects of MultiValue-based business application creation using these technologies.

Over the next few months, BlueFinity will begin to deliver products that will transform the way in which MultiValue developers are able to target the diverse range of application platforms needed to be embraced in today’s rapidly changing application development and delivery landscape.

Very importantly, these new innovations from BlueFinity will allow developers to build and deliver applications using industry-standard technologies. They will also, wherever possible, insulate the developer from the almost overwhelming depth of technological know-how required to create state-of-the-art business applications, but without removing any of the technological options that are sometimes necessary to meet specific application requirements.

An important aspect of the BlueFinity products moving forward will be their ability to leverage the very powerful entity modeling component of our flagship product, mv.NET.  This component allows developers to create a multi-purpose exposure of their MultiValue database. This both saves time and resources when introducing new ways to access application data and also allows optimal use of in-house MultiValue expertise.

David Peters

Sales Manager

jBASE International—A Member of the Mpower1 Group 

jBASE is committed to helping our customers leverage the latest technologies while still retaining the fundamental value in their MultiValue investment. The open architecture of jBASE is uniquely designed to allow a wide range of application development tools and back-end databases to form part of a jBASE solution. If the answer to your business problem is a mainstream database or third-party application, then it is a simple task to integrate using jBASE. Running natively with the host operating system ensures that new technologies are easily supported which allows endless options relating to future direction. The design of jBASE means there is no environment or barrier between jBASE applications and the underlying operating environment which makes for more elegant interoperability and optimum performance levels.

With the advent of “Windows 8 To Go” it is now even possible to run jBASE 5 from a USB stick, together with your favorite client software, such as mv.NET, to extend and enhance your application’s functionality, look and feel with any of today’s latest tools.

Combine powerful tools, a powerful database, and flexible licensing with a modern price model, and in jBASE you can meet the changing requirements of today’s customers safe in the knowledge that your investment is protected.

Mark Pick

President and CEO

Pick Cloud, Inc.

Here at Pick Cloud, we are all about the rejuvenation and preservation of PICK/MultiValue and helping clients achieve what they need to in today’s ever-changing business environment. We launched this company to do that and more. We offer our customers a variety of services that include but are not limited to: hosting, cloud computing, system backups and disaster recovery, professional services, and monitoring.

Previous hardware costs attributed to CapEx (capital expense) can now be fully recognized every month as OpEx (operating expense). This makes a big difference when depreciating and amortizing hardware costs. Start-up costs and the amount of time to implement a fully functional system in the cloud is drastically lower, thus enabling clients to use their funds to enhance their business. Customers see a reduction in their heating and cooling bills and their systems are always up to date and without any loss of existing functionality. This frees IT administrators from repetitive server management tasks, allowing them to drive business-building innovation.

Being able to access your data from anywhere is powerful in and of itself.  Collaboration and sharing between offices is made easier. We offer our customers those capabilities in a worry-free environment so they can focus on their business. We take care of the rest.           

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