Special Report: Gaining Maximum Advantage with MultiValue Technologies

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Ken Dickinson 

Managing Partner 

Kore Technologies

Kore Technologies’ philosophy from its inception in 1999 has been to extend the enterprise through an integrated best-in-class approach.  We feel the strengths of a MultiValue environment are its ability to adapt quickly to changing business conditions and its ability to outperform the competition when it comes to high-volume, single I/O transactions.

However, its unique database architecture does not mesh well with the more modern technologies and applications being developed today. In order for companies to retain the strengths of their MultiValue application without missing out on the latest and greatest technologies, Kore developed its Kourier Integrator solution.

Created specifically for the UniData/UniVerse (U2) environment, Kourier Integrator has helped hundreds of companies world-wide integrate to third-party applications such as CRM, Sales Forecasting, Production Scheduling, Financial, and eCommerce applications. In addition, Kourier Integrator is a generalized Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) tool with the ability to maintain a parallel Microsoft SQL database as a basis for business intelligence analysis and reporting. With our optimized Net Change technology, the synchronization between a U2 and Microsoft SQL database is maintained in near real-time with no perceptible system performance impact. Our latest Kourier Integrator release now offers on-demand ETL through RESTful Web services to support synchronous real-time processing.

Doug Leupen

President and CEO 

Entrinsik, Inc.

Our Informer Reporting and Informer Dashboard software products have been designed to provide a solution that enables MultiValue database users to manage the evolving data access and analysis needs of their organization.  The roadmap for both Informer products will continue to focus on the inclusion and development of user-friendly features and functionality making reporting and analytics accessible to a wider array of users.  Priorities in 2013 include integrating more data visualization options and mobile access capabilities.

Since Informer is intuitive and web-based, it can be used to access information anytime, anywhere. It is also fast and can scale to support large volumes of information at the speed of an optimized query statement. Informer supports multiple database platforms simultaneously—including U2, D3, Access, and all SQL—and allows users to link data across database boundaries on the same report. Quick development of data visualizations, enhanced analytics and key performance indicators is enabled by Informer Dashboards, and Informer reports can quickly be used as a data source for dashboard widgets.

In addition, Informer requires minimal IT support for its installation and implementation. Users can easily make Informer part of an integrated solution by taking advantage of the Informer Developers Tool Kit and incorporate Informer’s look and feel, security information, user log-on, and run-time parameter execution.

These important features have made Informer a hit with over 1,500 organizations worldwide, including 300 universities and colleges.

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