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Articles by Stephanie Simone and Sydney Blanchard

AI caught everyone's attention in 2023 but with more eyes on data and analytics than ever before, it's become clear that it's not the only solution on the market that can assist companies in gaining value from their data. Here, data professionals share their data and analytics predictions for 2024.

Posted January 10, 2024

AI continues to be a hot topic as we enter 2024, with company's reevaluating the technology's impact and preparing to adapt to the fast-changing landscape. Here, experts share their thoughts on the future of AI for 2024.

Posted January 02, 2024

Quest Software, a global systems management, data protection, and security software provider, is releasing Foglight Cloud, a new managed-monitoring and optimization platform built on top of the Foglight suite. According to the company, the platform helps businesses manage, monitor, and control their data and IT infrastructure.

Posted December 19, 2023

Breaches and cyberattacks are growing more sophisticated each year despite a growing call for the implementation of more stringent security measures. Here, data security leaders share their thoughts on what lies ahead in cybersecurity for 2024.

Posted December 14, 2023

Investment in the cloud shows no signs of stopping despite the recent uptick in organizations rushing to adopt AI and other rising solutions. According to Gartner, business needs and emerging technologies including GenAI will drive cloud model innovation. Here, tech leaders share their predictions for cloud in 2024.

Posted December 08, 2023

Noname Security, a provider of complete and proactive API security, is partnering with Wiz, a cloud security platform and growing software company, to help customers improve security posture. Together, Noname Security and Wiz will enable complete visibility, context, and control of infrastructure hosting mission-critical and highly sensitive APIs to minimize and remediate risk, according to the companies.  

Posted April 28, 2023

From cloud to AI and onto new technologies and methodologies such as DataOps, another year means more solutions to choose from. Here, executives of leading companies provide predictions for what's ahead in 2023 for big data. Plans for 5G deployments, new AI technologies like the metaverse or digital twins, and the rise of data fabric and data mesh are just some of the latest trends experts see coming to fruition in 2023.

Posted December 20, 2022

More and more companies are looking to cloud databases to offload an abundance of data and analytics. This upcoming year looks no different as organizations continue to adapt to an ever-changing landscape. Here tech leaders share their predictions for cloud in 2023.

Posted December 14, 2022

Cybersecurity and threat detection continues to be top of mind moving into 2023. Data breaches and the capture of sensitive information remain concerns for organizations large and small. Here, data security leaders share their thoughts on what lies ahead as companies seek the best resources to secure data and thwart bad actors.

Posted December 07, 2022

AI continues to fuel a hotbed of activity from automating mundane tasks to enhancing decision making, and progress in this area looks to heat up even more in 2023. Here, IT leaders share their perspectives on where AI is headed and what can be expected to change in 2023.

Posted November 30, 2022