AAA Uses RedPoint Global to Organize Influx of Travel Data

The American Automobile Association, known as AAA, is a federation of more than 50 affiliated motor clubs in the United States and Canada serving more than 55.6 million members. Established in 1902 by nine motor clubs with fewer than 1,500 members, today, AAA is North America’s largest motoring and leisure travel organization and provides its members with an array of travel, insurance, financial, and automotive-related services.

With the goal of understanding product usage, satisfaction, customer engagements and journeys to help members get the most out of their membership with AAA, the non-profit organization manages records for participating clubs to build and maintain customer profiles.

The Challenge

Throughout the year, AAA National Action Center receives information from its federated local clubs. There is a need to align that information to help AAA further understand relevancy and deliver strong engagement opportunities for its members, said Daniel Mathieux, director, Marketing Insights and E-Business, at AAA.

An initial issue AAA National had with managing its data was more than one person working with it at any given time, Mathieux said. This led to data that was shaped in a variety of different ways.  “We could have two different people doing it and they did it in two different ways,” Mathieux said. “Early on, we realized that we’d rather spend our time maturing our data alignment capability and not try to figure out how ‘Bob’ does it versus how ‘Joe’ does it.”

The Solution

After a lengthy process of exploring and evaluating solutions in industry and benchmarking different products, AAA National decided to partner with RedPoint Global, Mathieux explained. RedPoint Global provided a solution for managing records, spotting consumer trends, and quickly delivering information to club data scientists, said Mathieux.  The RedPoint Data Management solution allows enterprises the ability to use any data from any source structured or unstructured, cleans data rapidly, increases productivity by automating processes, and centralizes control of data. The platform works on data stored both in traditional databases and in Hadoop, while a graphical user interface and re-usable macros and procedures streamlines tasks.

With RedPoint Data Management, AAA National is able to audit every piece of data that comes into its domain. “Literally, we’re able to catch data anomalies as data comes into our enterprise and fix it so when we deliver it to our clubs our number is 99% on time and accurate,” Mathieux said.

The Result

Clubs now receive fresh, cleansed data every day - sometimes multiple times a day - when before this only happened once a month. With more accurate data and more than 90% of data processes automated, participating AAA clubs have optimized cross-channel marketing campaigns.

“When you’re processing many different data sources every month, you’ve got to make sure you have a good system in place so if something fails halfway through a process we don’t have to start back at the beginning,” Mathieux said. “We fix it at the failure point and move on from there.”

This process has allowed AAA National to increase the amount of data going into its infrastructure with relatively no increase in resources to do that. “It’s accruable, it’s dependable, and it’s done right the first time,” Mathieux said.

By utilizing RedPoint Data Management, AAA National Action Center team has grown its data platform using the same level of resources, said Mathieux.  “We’ve saved literally millions of dollars in developers’ capability,” Mathieux said. “There’s intellectual property that we share from one effort to another that is minimized because everything builds upon itself.”

The Return

AAA National has been able to assist clubs to generate incremental revenue now that it can understand how to deliver relevant communications, at the right time.

“RedPoint has been with us from the get go when they had their development and technology people make incremental changes to the software to adapt to some of our business challenges and issues,” Mathieux said. “They really engaged with us to make sure it’s meeting our business needs and it’s growing as our demand grows. As people come in and see what we’ve developed here, it blows their mind our ability to move data as we have, the way we do consistently all the time.”


  • AAA National has been able to assist clubs to generate incremental revenue and deliver strong member satisfaction. AAA National Action Center is able to catch data anomalies as data comes in and fix it so it is delivered to customers 99% on time and accurate.
  • Utilizing RedPoint Data Management, AAA has grown its data platform using the same level of resources.

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