Alluxio 2.9 Offers Reenvisioned Architecture for Multi-Tenant Environments at Scale

Alluxio, the developer of the open source data orchestration platform for data driven workloads such as large-scale analytics and AI/ML, is releasing version 2.9 of its Data Orchestration Platform, delivering support for a scale-out, multi-tenant architecture with a new cross-environment synchronization feature. Additional updates include enhanced manageability with significant improvement in the tooling and guidelines for deploying Alluxio on Kubernetes, and improved security and performance with a strengthened S3 API and POSIX API.  

“Tenant-dedicated satellite clusters have become more common while architecting data platforms,” said Adit Madan, director of product management, Alluxio. “Alluxio’s ability to actively synchronize metadata across multiple environments is significant, making the adoption of such an architecture easier than ever.”

Tenant isolation provides the scale and economic benefits of a multi-tenant architecture while rigorously preventing different teams from competing for access to shared data lake storage.

With the new cross-environment synchronization feature, Alluxio evolves its architecture with significantly improved scalability and manageability enabling data platform teams to deploy multiple per-tenant Alluxio clusters between compute and storage cluster across any environment, based on workload capacity.

Running Alluxio on Kubernetes helps standardize deployment methodologies across cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid-cloud, and on-premises environments.

This new release introduces the Alluxio operator, which simplifies deploying, configuring, provisioning, and managing multiple Alluxio clusters, reducing DevOps complexity. Alluxio on Kubernetes also makes data stack portable to any environment, preventing vendor lock-in.

Lastly, in Alluxio 2.9, authentication and access policies are now centralized through the communications between compute engines and Alluxio via S3 API. Therefore, Alluxio provides a unified security experience across heterogeneous storage either on-premise or in the cloud.

Alluxio 2.9 Community and Enterprise Edition features new capabilities, including:

  • Multi-environment cluster synchronization
  • Extended manageability for Kubernetes
  • Enhanced S3 API security with better user experience

Free downloads of Alluxio 2.9 open source Community Edition and trials of Alluxio Enterprise Edition are immediately available

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