AtScale Unveils New Semantic Platform for Business Intelligence

AtScale is releasing a universal semantic platform for business intelligence (BI) with Microsoft Azure HDInsight, providing enterprises with faster time to insight.

AtScale’s new offer helps enhance Azure HDInsight customers’ ability to quickly turn their Big Data lake into a highly available and performant analytical database.

Because the AtScale platform requires no data movement and no desktop client or driver to let BI tools like Microsoft Power BI or Tableau or work on Big Data live and in real-time, business users can analyze HDInsight data the minute it is available. 

This offering accelerates the data architecture modernization projects many enterprises have taken on by allowing them to rapidly turn their data lakes into production-ready and business critical analytical applications.  

 “Microsoft and the Microsoft Azure teams are an ideal partner for businesses looking to move data to the cloud,” says Eddie White, VP of business development at AtScale. “As we engage with our enterprise customers on their data architecture strategies, more and more enterprises are looking to Azure to be part of the data fabric. As they do so, AtScale is able to ensure that the business critical analytics workloads can be moved quickly and, with Microsoft’s partner and sales teams, we are successfully delivering this together now.”

This platform brings three key innovations to cloud users including hybrid query service, AtScale Adaptive Cache, and AtScale’s True Delegation.

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