AuditBoard Streamlines the Assessment, Monitoring, and Remediation Of Third-Party Risk

AuditBoard, a cloud-based platform transforming audit, risk, and compliance management, is launching its Third-Party Risk Management solution, breaking down silos and engaging relevant stakeholders inside and outside the organization.

Information security, risk management, and compliance teams need the right solution to efficiently evaluate and mitigate third-party risk while managing ever-expanding cybersecurity and compliance obligations.

Working in conjunction with AuditBoard’s innovative CrossComply solution, which allows organizations to manage their information security compliance programs at scale, AuditBoard’s Third-Party Risk Management solution empowers teams to manage their overall IT risk and compliance posture more effectively, according to the vendor.

“A wave of digital risk is rising as the global economy becomes ever more interconnected,” said Rajiv Makhijani, SVP of emerging products at AuditBoard. “We’ve created this purpose-built solution to empower our customers to get ahead of this wave by more efficiently and comprehensively managing the expanding third-party risk landscape.”

AuditBoard’s Third-Party Risk Management solution enables teams to save time, be better partners to the business, and scale through automated and collaborative workflows that enable more effective management of third-party risk, according to the company.

This purpose-built solution supports customizable assessments, automated risk scoring, issue management, ongoing monitoring, and centralized reporting and tracking.

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