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Big Data 50 - Companies Driving Innovation

MicroStrategy, Inc.
A provider of enterprise analytics, mobility, and security platforms, MicroStrategy supports access to any enterprise resource, including databases, enterprise directories, cloud applications, and more.

MongoDB, Inc.
MongoDB provides a document-oriented NoSQL database, which stores data in “collections”—its equivalent of RDBMS tables—and was designed to enable high availability and scalability while including out-of-the-box replication and auto-sharding.

Objectivity, Inc.
Objectivity empowers businesses with the ability to discover actionable patterns in fast-changing data streams to support large-scale, high-performance applications through Objectivity/DB, its object-oriented database technology, and InfiniteGraph graph technology.

Oracle Corp.
Providing a range of big data solutions, spanning on- premise and cloud solutions and services, appliances, and engineered systems, Oracle assists organizations in breaking down data silos and gaining insights from data stored in Hadoop, relational databases, and NoSQL stores.

Pivotal enables a modern approach to IT innovation, with its agile development services, an open cloud platform, and a suite of big data products to create a framework that helps to increase data leverage, accelerate application delivery, and decrease costs.

Progress Software Corp.
Progress is a global software company that aims to simplify the development, deployment, and management of business applications on-premise or in the cloud, on any platform or device, to any data source.

Offering a next-generation analytics product family that offers self-service data visualization, reporting, dashboards, guided analytics, and embedded analytics, Qlick provides a data discovery platform for creating and deploying guided analytics applications via a native scripting environment.

Built to automate the testing of data warehouses and big data, QuerySurge helps to ensure data extracted from data sources remains intact in the target data store by analyzing and pinpointing any differences quickly.

Rackspace, a managed-cloud company, helps businesses gain the benefits of cloud computing and delivers specialized expertise on top of leading technologies developed by OpenStack, Microsoft, VMware, and others.

RedPoint Global
RedPoint Global offers cross-channel marketing and ETL/ ELT, data quality, and data integration applications that operate in and across traditional and Hadoop 2.0/YARN environments to help organizations take advantage of their data to drive customer engagement and growth.

RedpointBig Data Trailblazer by Dale Renner, CEO

Progressive organizations are looking to data to drive competitive advantage. Big Data and Hadoop have a lot to offer them. Benefits include: running operations more effectively, improving customer engagement and growing revenues. To this end, companies are pulling in more types of data, from more sources, and at faster rates than ever. Their goal: to monetize their data and the insights derived from them. Their challenge: to successfully integrate this data and assure data quality. However, accessing new data sources and simplifying data processing operations are often contradictory objectives. To reach their goal, companies must be able to rapidly ingest, cleanse, integrate, and match all their data (structured and unstructured). 

To supercharge this effort, companies are learning the value of deploying a single data management tool that integrates all these capabilities through a graphical drag/drop UI. It enables business users, those most familiar with data use cases, to play active and, even, self-service roles in preparing aggregations for consumption by analytics and legacy applications. RedPoint Data Management™ delivers unique value in loading big data, integrating it with primary data, and achieving high quality in probabilistic matching and master key management.

RedPoint customers are maximizing value from their data, as demonstrated in Gartner’s 2016 Critical Capabilities for Data Quality Tools report, where RedPoint received the highest scores in Operational/Transactional Data Quality and Data Integration use cases, and received top three scores in all six use cases in the report. 


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