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Big Data 50 - The Top 50 Companies Driving Big Data Innovation

DataStax provides solutions based on Apache Cassandra, an open source NoSQL database technology.  The company’s flagship offering, DataStax Enterprise, enables users to perform real-time transactions with Cassandra, analytics with Apache Hadoop, and enterprise searchwith Apache Solr in a single, integrated big data platform that works across multiple data centers and the cloud.

Dell, Inc.
Dell Software, a division of Dell, Inc., delivers solutions to address today’s pressing business and IT challenges with connected software offerings across five core areas encompassing data center and cloud management, information management, mobile workforce management, security, and data protection.

Denodo Technologies
A provider of data virtualization software, Denodo enables customers  to achieve business agility and ROI by creating  a unified virtual data layer that serves strategic, enterprise-wide information needs for agile BI, big data analytics, web and cloud integration, single-view applications, and SOA data services.

Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.
Spanning application development, data modeling and architecture, database management and optimization, and database tools for leading relational and big data platforms, Embarcadero provides a broad set of heterogeneous solutions for enhancing the productivity of software developers and data management professionals.

Wes Kranz

Big Data Trailblazer by Wes Kranz, Senior Director, Database Products

Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. provides data modeling and management software tools that empower data professionals to design, build, and run databases more efficiently in heterogeneous IT environments. Designed for developers, DBAs, and architects, Embarcadero tools enable customers to work in the environments they choose. The industry-leading database tools portfolio expands visibility across the enterprise data landscape with support for popular big data environments.

ER/Studio is the company’s flagship data architecture solution that combines data, business process, and application modeling and reporting in a multi-platform environment. With ER/Studio, data modelers and architects can handle larger, more complex data models and manage numerous stakeholder groups that need access to information assets. ER/Studio provides native round-trip modeling support for MongoDB and Hadoop Hive along with the ability to handle collaborative model management needs.

DB PowerStudio is a complete database management tool suite with administration, development and performance tuning capabilities across multiple database platforms. Database administrators and developers use DB PowerStudio to address challenges with managing, tuning and developing in complex, heterogeneous database environments. DBArtisan and Rapid SQL enable data professionals to work across an even broader set of DBMS platforms using a single, consistent toolset which lowers learning curves, reduces IT maintenance and improves productivity.

With support for numerous relational and big data platforms including Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, Teradata, PostgreSQL, Hadoop Hive, and MongoDB, Embarcadero provides the most comprehensive database tools portfolio for data professionals. Discover the benefits of the ultimate cross-platform database tools at www.embarcadero.com.

Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.

EMC Corp.

A federation  of companies, including EMC, Pivotal, RSA, and VMware,  brings choice  and openness to the technologies and services that are needed in the emerging world of big data, mobile, cloud, and social.

GridGain offers the GridGain In-Memory Data Fabric built on Apache Ignite (incubating) to enable high- performance transactions, real-time streaming, and fast analytics in a single, comprehensive data access and processing layer that spans key applications (Java, .NET, C++) and data stores  (SQL, NoSQL, Hadoop).

A leading contributor to and provider of Apache Hadoop for the enterprise, Hortonworks offers the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), an enterprise-grade data management platform built on Hadoop, that enables a centralized architecture for running batch, interactive, and real-time applications simultaneously across a shared dataset, providing capabilities that address the core requirements of security, operations, and data governance.

HP (Hewlett-Packard Company)
HP provides big data software and services to enable organizations to explore and analyze massive volumes of business, machine, and sensor data, as well as unstructured rich human information, including text, audio, and video, on premise and in the cloud.

IBM (International Business Machines Corp.)
Helping companies capitalize on all data, IBM provides a big data platform that spans data management and data warehousing, Hadoop, stream computing, content management, information integration, and governance.

Informatica Corp.
Informatica provides big data products that enable integration of all types of data and data parsing on Hadoop, discovery of relationships among parties and groups, and out-of- the-box, high-performance connectivity to all enterprise data, eliminating the risk and cost of hand-coding.

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