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Big Data 50 - The Top 50 Companies Driving Big Data Innovation

Splice Machine
Splice Machine provides enterprises with a Hadoop RDBMS designed to scale real-time applications using commodity hardware, with support for standard ANSI SQL and ACID transactions.

Splunk, Inc.
Offering operational intelligence platforms, Splunk enables customers to look closely at machine data and find insights that can help make them more productive, profitable, competitive, and secure.

Syncsort, Inc.
To help improve performance of their data processing environments while reducing hardware and labor costs, organizations turn to Syncsort. Syncsort provides solutions spanning “Big Iron to Big Data,” including next-gen analytical platforms such as Hadoop, cloud, and Splunk, to allow them to collect, integrate, sort, and distribute more data in less time, with fewer resources and lower costs.

Tableau Software, Inc.
Helping users see and understand their data, Tableau has optimized direct connections for many high- performance databases, cubes, Hadoop, and cloud data sources and lets users connect live or bring their data into its fast, in-memory analytical engine.

With a unified, open, and predictable cloud and on-premises platform, Talend delivers a set of tools for big data, data and application integration, master data management, data quality, and business process management.

Teradata Corp.
Supporting analysis and unification of data, Teradata provides enterprises, IT professionals, data scientists, and marketing leaders with a variety of solutions to help form campaigns, harness critical information, and store data in one platform.

TIBCO Software, Inc.
A global leader in infrastructure and business intelligence, TIBCO Software helps enterprises capture the right information at the right time and act on it preemptively for competitive advantage with its real- time automation and visual analytics platforms.

Violin Memory
Violin Memory offers enterprises an all-flash solution that optimizes building the next-generation data center and enhances agility and mobility while revolutionizing data center economics.

Offering the speed and scale of NoSQL databases along with ACID guarantees, VoltDB provides relational data models with the transactional capability of traditional RDBMSs. 

Founded  in 1994 by two Stanford Ph.D. candidates, Yahoo has grown into a company known for search and other services on any internet-connected  device. Having made a significant technology investment in Apache Hadoop, Yahoo runs large Hadoop clusters, works with academic institutions and other corporations on advanced cloud computing research, and its engineers are leading participants in the Hadoop community.

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