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Big Data 75: Companies Driving Innovation in 2023

IRI, The CoSort Company
As a leader in the business of data processing, IRI’s customer base and software stack grew from a high-volume data manipulation utility, dubbed CoSort, which continues to drive the enterprise’s mission: affordable speed in volume.

Big Data Trailblazer


IRI Voracity® manipulates and manages a huge range and volume of data from a single pane of glass built on Eclipse™. Use Voracity to rapidly and reliably discover, integrate, migrate, govern, and analyze data on-premise or in the cloud, while addressing all ‘V’ challenges of big data:

Data from internal and public sources are growing exponentially. Voracity’s long proven IRI CoSort engine performs and combines multi-gigabyte transforms in seconds, besting legacy sort, BI, DB, and ETL tool speeds by 2-20X.

Voracity supports more than 150 data sources and targets which include legacy and EDI files, multiple and multi-byte data and endian types, every RDBMS, plus many big data and cloud/SaaS sources.

CDR, IOT, social, and transactional data come fast, and at different intervals. CoSort or seamlessly integrated Hadoop engines in Voracity scale workloads across commodity hardware. Voracity can also process real-time, near-real-time, or streaming DB, file, or message data through Kafka or MQTT, pipes or procedures, Spark or Storm, and IRI Ripcurrent.

Low quality data lowers analytic and testing value, and PII puts you at risk. Voracity’s validation, scrubbing, enrichment, and unification features all improve data quality. Its embedded data classification, discovery, and masking capabilities—plus database subsetting and realistic test data synthesis—help you nullify breaches, enhance DevOps, and comply with data privacy laws.

As you (re)consider your informational and decision needs from data, consider the value of having a true production analytic platform that marries data preparation with analytics and visualization. Voracity can generate custom detail and summary reports, or wrangle data to feed clean and anonymous subsets to Cognos, PowerBI, Qlik, R, Splunk, etc.

IRI Voracity

Born from the market need to track security threats in real time, Kinetica offers a real-time database platform that processes and makes sense of sensor and machine data with native vectorized architecture, delivering peak performance with a small compute footprint.

Powering actionable decision making for insights-driven businesses, KX enriches real-time data analytics with historical insight, enabling enterprises to act on time-sensitive opportunities where speed, scale, and reliability matter.

Propelled by a vision to reshape data management with a new generation of intelligent metadata, Manta improves data productivity and trust across all pipelines with its powerful data lineage platform.

Taking a different approach to databases for the modern world, MariaDB builds scalable relational cloud databases to power mission-critical applications, supporting any workload—both transactions and analytics—and all cloud environments.

Matillion helps anyone in the data team to move, transform, and automate data pipelines faster, regardless of their coding capabilities, providing a complete data integration and transformation solution that is purpose-built for the cloud and cloud data warehouses.

United under the philosophy that bad data is bad business, Melissa is a global leader in data quality, address verification, and identity resolution, helping more than 10,000 businesses worldwide harness accurate data for a more compelling customer view.

Microsoft’s mission is to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more, offering a wide variety of technological solutions, including desktop applications, relational database management technology, operating systems, search, and mobile devices.

Empowering innovators to create, transform, and disrupt industries by unleashing the power of software and data, MongoDB enables developers to build applications fast and at scale, from AI-powered and event-driven apps to edge use cases and search.

Monte Carlo
Guided by its mission to accelerate the adoption of data by reducing data downtime, Monte Carlo limits data breakages with its end-to-end data observability platform.

Neo4j, the pioneer of graph technology, helps the world make sense of data by enabling enterprises to discover patterns and insights across billions of data connections deeply, easily, and quickly.

Founded on the idea that people want to buy from, work for, and invest in companies that demonstrate positive impact on people and the planet, OneTrust connects data, teams, and processes for seamless collaboration, turning trust into an attainable asset.

Ontotext helps organizations turn data into a competitive advantage, enhancing information access through its semantic knowledge graph technology designed to unite diverse data sources for more informed decision making.

Big Data Trailblazer by Atanas Kiryakov, CEO & Founder

ONTOTEXT HELPS ENTERPRISES connect the dots of their knowledge and gain trustworthy insights across diverse data sources. According to Gartner, graph technologies will drive most data innovations by 2025. For organizations looking to develop AI and ML initiatives, our semantic knowledge graph platform enables a data foundation that helps drive greater outcomes. Knowledge graphs establish a machine-readable contract about the meaning of the data and this way enables standardized data exchange, efficient data discovery, seamless integration, and accurate interpretation. Our graph database engine uses AI to put data in context and deliver deeper insights by interlinking information across silos and enriching it with external domain knowledge. For over 15 years, we have helped leaders across different industries (including top-50 global banks, S&P, Roche, Johnson Controls, and Financial Times) solve mission-critical data challenges. Ontotext has developed a global ecosystem of 20+ partners and secured growth funding to deliver next-generation knowledge and data management solutions at scale.


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