Cisco and Intel Offer Energy-Efficient Computing Systems with Latest Release

Cisco and Intel are releasing the 7th generation of UCS C-Series and X-Series servers that will be powered by 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors, providing customers with greater flexibility and more performance for modern workloads with new C-Series and X-Series servers.

According to the vendors, the new servers are also delivering application acceleration without compromise by supporting the Intel Data Center GPU Flex Series in the UCS X-Series Fabric technology, enabling customers to support a wider range of rapidly evolving, increasingly compute-intensive workloads.

With this announcement, the companies are directly addressing two primary concerns that virtually every enterprise IT organization is grappling with today. The first is the reality that enterprise workloads are becoming increasingly dynamic and is necessitating widescale modernization of IT infrastructure.

The second concern is the increasing scrutiny of IT organizations are facing to be more sustainable in their operations through more energy-efficient infrastructure and advanced monitoring and management systems.

This new class of next-generation UCS servers along with the simplified IT operations made possible by Cisco Intersight help customers solve both issues, according to the vendors.

This combination of density, performance, modularity, and simplified manageability will deliver operational and sustainability benefits including:

  • Ability to “do more with less” by reducing the number of systems with up to a 4-to-1 consolidation ratio compared to previous generation UCS servers while supporting more and newer types of workloads.
  • Ability to reduce components, devices, and cabling through the new UCS X-Series Fabric architecture that can deliver up to 64% better performance and 31% lower power usage to previous models for greater efficiency and sustainability.
  • Ability to achieve sustainability from policies and management at scale through Cisco Intersight that provides customers with global control of sustainability policies as well as fine-tuned visibility and control of other operations.

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