Code42 Introduces Incydr Flows Powered by Tines, Leveraging No-Code Automation Technology

Code42 Software, Inc., the Insider Risk Management (IRM) leader, is partnering with Tines—the no-code automation platform for security teams—to release Incydr Flows, powered by Tines to enable security teams to simplify manual, error-prone, and cross-functional workflows.

The platform further automates actions between the Code42 Incydr solution and other corporate systems such as IAM, PAM, EDR, HCM, and ITSM, according to the companies.

“Under today’s economic pressures, security teams are short on time and resources. Now more than ever, they need solutions that help them efficiently tackle the costly problem of data loss, leak, and theft,” said Joe Payne, CEO of Code42. “The integration with Tines will benefit under-resourced teams by helping them integrate Code42 with all of their existing security technology, without having to build automation themselves or having to buy additional technology. This is a huge win for Code42 customers.”  

Incydr Flows, powered by Tines, is embedded into the Incydr solution, and does not require a separate purchase of Tines. It enables organizations to:

  • Accelerate response times to remediate critical events. This prevents further data exposure, while security teams investigate insider threat events.
  • Reduce manual, repetitive, or error-prone tasks. It streamlines watchlist management, investigations, and follow-up actions required of security, management, legal, or human resources team members.
  • Simplify processes that rely on multiple teams, such as alert triage.

“Security architects and analysts need their existing tech stack to work together, rather than in siloed workflows,” said Eoin Hinchy, CEO and founder of Tines. “No-code automation is integral to their ability to effectively address security issues. This integration helps elevate data protection programs and improve organizations’ security postures by saving analysts’ time and resources.”

Incydr Flows will be available to all customers this Fall.

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