Dataguise Introduces Sensitive Data Monitoring and Masking for Apache Hive

Dataguise, a provider of sensitive data governance, has announced that DgSecure now provides sensitive data monitoring and masking in Apache Hive.

This latest release of DgSecure (version 6.0.5) now also offers sensitive data monitoring for Oracle Database, MapR, and Teradata; Cloudera Navigator integration for Hive agent results; structured encryption and decryption for European languages; and an enhanced REST API for multi-cloud service interoperability, in addition to on-premises functionality.

Compliance is a critical concern for any enterprise that accesses broad stores of data for business insight, making integration with Hive an important enhancement for Dataguise, said JT Sison, vice president, marketing and business development, for Dataguise, who added that the company continues to  advance sensitive data governance by partnering with and supporting leading distributions of Apache Hadoop.

The support for sensitive data monitoring and masking in Apache Hive, marks what Dataguise says is an industry-first for the popular data warehousing environment. According to Dataguise, Hive environments hold large datasets stored in Hadoop’s HDFS and compatible file systems such as the MapR-FS filesystem.

DgSecure can help organizations identify potential data breaches of sensitive information, enabling IT security teams to mitigate business risk and disruption. Hive administrators who implement DgSecure have full access to sensitive data monitoring and masking features, which, Dataguise says, enables organizations to do more with data than could be accomplished in the past due to security concerns.

With support for cloud-based storage repositories, including Microsoft Azure databases, Amazon S3, and Google Cloud Storage (GCS), DgSecure version 6.0.5 now includes an enhanced REST API for tighter integration with cloud applications, services, and analytics solutions. The new API further builds upon DgSecure’s support for public cloud infrastructure, making it a more comprehensive sensitive data governance solution for both on-premises and multi-cloud environments.

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