Deep Introduces deepSQL and Combines SQL with Cloud

Deep Information Sciences is unveiling a new solution that combines a MySQL-compliant database with cloud- and resource-awareness.

Called deepSQL, the solution aims to help companies meet real-time customer demands while providing the automated scalability to capitalize on unforeseen business surges.

“We took control of our destiny by making this our own distribution. It is fully 100% MySQL compliant, there are now application changes but it’s the best of Maria, Percona, MySQL, our own stuff and the machine learning open source worlds together,” said Chad Jones, chief strategy officer at Deep.

According to the vendor, the solution is a 100% MySQL-compliant, resource-aware, and self-tuning database built for complex data environments and supports Hybrid Transactional/Analytical Processing (HTAP).  It leverages machine learning and autonomic operations to deliver speed, scale and agility in physical, virtual and cloud environments, according to Deep.

Features include fast HTAP performance at scale, is built on an architecture that can handle complex environments, provides online dynamic resource allocation, simplifies continuous backup and instant recovery, and supports cloud automation frameworks such as VMware vCloud Director, Vagrant, and Chef.

“For some of our customers it was taking them 7 days to ingest all their data and perform their queries and return their case studies to their customers,” said Jones.  “We came in and we were able to ingest and run reports in less than 24 hours.”

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