Envorso and Signafire Partner to Offer Data Fusion Solutions

Envorso, a provider of business transformation solutions, is entering a strategic partnership with Signafire Technologies, an industry-leading fusion and content analysis company. The partnership will allow Envorso to offer enterprise data fusion solutions.

The joint offering will help customers use structured, unstructured, and third party data to drive efficiency, ensure safety, and mitigate risk across product lines.

It is initially being rolled out to clients in manufacturing – an area in which Signafire has deep experience – but will soon be brought to the wider market.

Both companies had mutual business associates and a partnership grew from there, according to Marc Alacqua, CEO and founding partner, Signafire.

“For us, we’re always a technology that’s looking for problems to solve and I think how Envorso helps us is, they’re inside a lot of companies and they have vision on what their problems are,” Alacqua said. “We’re always looking for new plays to run and Envorso has a lot of long standing relationships with companies we’d like to do work for.”

Envorso feels confident that Signafire’s technology is a platform that its clients will benefit from, said Adrain Balfour, CEO and partner, Envorso.

“We are a sort of consulting company that provides advisory and staffing services help companies deal with technological change,” Balfour said. “Signafire can really help these firms establish new revenue streams and make operations more efficient.”

The partnership will allow the companies to expand into the insurance, transport, and other industries. Through this agreement both would like to expand internationally as well.

“The world is changing and no longer are companies working in isolation, they have to establish partnerships, they have to share data, the data has to be meaningful and it has to be interpreted,” Balfour said. “Signafire is the leading edge company doing just that.”

“We’ve really been excited working for Adrian and his team,” Alacqua said. “We’re really excited for the future.”

For more information about this partnership, visit www.signafire.com.


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