Experts Talk Data Management Strategies

As applications continue to grow in scale and complexity, so does the challenge of supporting them. From geo-distribution, to high-volume transactions and the processing of new data sources and types, modern applications require speed, scalability and flexibility—whether in the ground or the cloud.

DBTA recently held a roundtable webinar to educate IT decision-makers and practitioners about the new data management technologies and techniques for speed and scalability.

Speakers included Rick Jacobs, technical product marketing manager, Couchbase; James Goodfellow, senior product marketing manager, Progress DataDirect; and Domenic Ravita, field CTO and VP of product marketing, MemSQL.

This year was exceedingly challenging, Jacobs said. Supply chains were disrupted and businesses need to quickly change structure and data. Recent trends include the sudden change to remote work and applications moving to the cloud.

Couchbase Cloud can provide what customers need to maintain their businesses, according to Jacobs. The platform features Couchbase Server, In-VPC deployment, a single console to manage multi-cluster deployments, on-premises cross-datacenter replication (XDCR) to and from Couchbase Cloud for live migration, backups and recovery, and offers customer-friendly licensing.

According to Goodfellow, the challenges of a changing landscape include:

  • Tools don’t work seamlessly with Cloud & APIs
  • Limited time and resources to keep up with growth of apps and data sources
  • Process of building and maintaining new, custom coded connectors
  • Avoiding one-off use cases

Business needs holistic integration, more access for “citizen” data analyst roles, the ability to see themes and trends in data, and analyze data in real-time without latency, Goodfellow said.

On the technical side organizations are looking for a system for business users that is less fragile, Developer productivity, less latency for improved productivity and user sat, cloud compute instances that operate for a shorter time, and be secure in knowing the security of data.

Progress DataDirect delivers powerful data connectivity for applications running on premises or in the cloud, Goodfellow explained.

Businesses can get connected to the vast data landscape using a single standard interface with SQL or REST API.

DataDirect connectivity solutions support the full range of relational, cloud, NoSQL and Big Data sources across trusted industry standards, including ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET and OData (REST).

Data is now the most valuable asset in the world... and how we use data separates the leaders from laggards, Ravita said.

The front end of modern SaaS applications have to be fast, engaging, have no downloads, is reliable and works offline, and is integrated between a phone, laptop, and tablet. The back end of modern SaaS applications should be real-time, cloud-native, microservices-based, and API driven, Ravita explained.

MemSQL can offer all of these things, he said. The platform is scalable with Relational SQL, can handle converged data, and can be optimized for real-time.

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.


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