FusionAuth Delivers Frictionless Authentication and User Management

FusionAuth, the customer identity platform built for developers by developers, is enhancing performance and scalability for webhook signing and search APIs, eliminating barriers for large-size customers by delivering frictionless authentication and user management for any application at any scale.

According to the company, although native identity platform tools provide some basic functionality for developers building cloud applications, these options are limited with poor performance and are unable to scale to support large customer bases. Other legacy providers offer expensive solutions that can quickly become cost prohibitive. FusionAuth’s enhanced webhook and API functionality ensures developers can serve their large, global user bases while having a seamless management experience.

“We’re bringing the power of Elasticsearch and unlimited custom data fields to large-scale systems. This change removes previous search limitations and improves performance and scalability,” said Dan Moore, FusionAuth’s head of developer relations. “At FusionAuth, we continuously innovate to make customer identity and access management (CIAM) easier for developers. Many of our customers are supporting apps with millions of users, and they need to query user and entity data or sync such information quickly and effortlessly across systems. These updates make their lives easier.”

As part of this platform update, the FusionAuth platform enhanced performance for deployments with more than one million users.

Also, the user and entity search APIs now support a new value that can be prompted to produce the entire available result set.

The update also adds support for signing webhook events to enhance the security of integrations. Now FusionAuth users can know for certain that a webhook message was not interfered with by a proxy or man-in-the-middle attack, because they receive a hash of message contents.

In addition, using custom SSL certificates for webhooks was made easier, since users can now manage them in the same place they manage all other certificates.

For more information about this news, visit https://fusionauth.io.  


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