Hadoop—IT Heavyweight Versus Hype

Perhaps no other technology is more intertwined with the promise of big data than Apache Hadoop, the open source framework that emerged 10 years ago. Hadoop was first leveraged at big web companies for its ability to process large quantities of varied-format data using affordable commodity servers. Today, the Hadoop ecosystem is expanding swiftly, and its value in the enterprise is being recognized.

Still, Hadoop continues to have its share of skeptics who ponder whether the business benefit will match the boast. To help shed light on Hadoop, the advances it is offering companies, and where the technology is headed, the fall issue of Big Data Quarterly provides a number of articles on the topic.

In our cover article, Radiant Advisors’ John O’Brien explores emerging technologies in the big data revolution and considers how Hadoop is rapidly moving forward with the support of the open source development community. “Anyone who thought Hadoop was a fly-by-night technology was wrong. Hadoop has rapidly evolved—improving and gaining mainstream adoption as a technology and framework for enabling data applications previously out of reach for all but the savviest of companies,” he flatly states. Major development initiatives have also helped bring the Hadoop ecosystem from its batch-oriented origins “to new, interactive capabilities that are delivering improved performance in interactive SQL and with distributed in-memory applications,” he adds.

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Shaun Connolly, Hortonworks vice president of corporate strategy, contributes to the discussion in this issue’s Q&A interview, pointing out that industry research shows that Hadoop is picking up speed in the enterprise and delivering on its promise as a transformational technology across a wide swath of industry verticals. While Hadoop was mainly seen early on as a cost optimization play, he notes that the technology is increasingly being recognized for its ability to support data discovery and exploration, as well as advanced and predictive analytics use cases that were simply not possible before.

Big Data Quarterly columnist Jim Scott, also reflects on the power that real-time processes in a Hadoop environment can offer, while additional articles provide insight on a spectrum of other big data topics, including cloud, IoT, data science, and data governance.

Big data technologies are evolving quickly, with opportunities being developed all the time to leverage data for business advantage. To help data-driven organizations access the information they need, this issue of Big Data Quarterly introduces the first-ever list of the “Big Data 50—Companies Driving Innovation.” Each of the companies on this list is helping to drive the big data ecosystem forward with innovative technologies, products, and services.

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