Hortonworks Beefs Up Offerings for Cloud and Data Center Deployments

Addressing the rise of hybrid deployments, Hortonworks has introduced a new software support subscription to provide seamless support to organizations as they transition from on-premise to cloud. Separately, Hortonworks also announced the general availability of Hortonworks Dataflow (HDF) 3.0, a new release of its open source data-in-motion platform, which enables customers to collect, curate, analyze and act on all data in real-time, across the data center and cloud.

Hortonworks Flex Support aims to give customers a single Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) subscription that is transferable between cloud and on-premise deployments, allowing for adoption of a connected data architecture.

As customers move to the cloud in unprecedented numbers, they need a support model that matches the reality of hybrid deployments with variable load factors, said Jamie Engesser, vice president of product management at Hortonworks. Hortonworks customers can now purchase one support subscription that gives them the flexibility to deploy HDP in the cloud, on-prem or in hybrid architectures as needed, Engesser said.

Approximately 25% of Hortonworks’ customer base is using Hortonworks’ solutions in the public cloud today.  The new single support subscription encompasses HDP on-prem and in the cloud, as well as cloud services which provides expert guidance to optimize Spark, ETL and analytics workloads in Hortonworks Data Cloud for AWS.  

In addition, as the growth of the Internet of Things brings new paradigm data from mobile devices, wearable technology and sensors which enterprises can use to uncover actionable intelligence in real-time, Hortonworks Dataflow (HDF) 3.0 is aimed at helping businesses harness the insights from data everywhere. Because this increasingly this means from point of creation on connected devices, it is also crucial to make decisions as close as possible to the edge device, said Scott Gnau, chief technology officer at Hortonworks. With HDF 3.0, Gnau said, Hortonworks is improving customers’ experience by simplifying how they create and deploy streaming analytics applications to deliver real time analytics.

HDF 3.0 introduces Streaming Analytics Manager (SAM), allowing application developers, business analysts and administrators the ability to build streaming applications without writing code therefore simplifying the process and speeding an application’s time to market.

In addition, a new shared repository of schemas allows applications to flexibly interact with each other across multiple streaming engines including Apache Kafka, Apache Storm and Apache NiFi, enabling end-to-end data governance and operational efficiency.

For more information, go to https://hortonworks.com/services/support/flex.

For more about Hortonworks DataFlow, go to https://hortonworks.com/products/data-center/hdf/


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