How to Solve Big Data Integration Challenges

As data flows into businesses faster than ever before time-to-insight and time-to-action are critical competitive differentiators, and the demand for fast access to information is growing.

However, the challenge of combining data into meaningful information to access insights quickly is apparent. While companies are investing heavily in initiatives to increase the amount of data at their disposal, most are spending more time prepping than analyzing data.

Enterprises need more flexible, agile, and efficient data integration approaches to truly expand their analytical capabilities.

DBTA recently held a roundtable webinar featuring Kevin Petrie, senior director and technology evangelist at Attunity, and Sreevatsan Raman, head of engineering at Cask, who discussed the next generation of technologies emerging to support this goal, from self-service tools and platforms, to cloud-based services, and real-time solutions.

Attunity’s mission is to provide data integration for analytics and IoT by empowering users with universal real-time data delivery and availability, accelerating data readiness for analytics with DWA, and optimizing data management with intelligence, according to Petrie.

The Attunity platform can work to solve challenges enterprises struggle with regarding data management. This includes costs incurred by moving data across heterogeneous systems, time it takes to deliver value in analytics due to manually intensive processes and lack of agility, and lack of insight in managing data efficiently as volumes and workloads scale.

Cask also offers an enterprise-ready big data platform and a unified approach that combines data integration and application development for production data apps in enterprise environments, Raman said.

The platform integrates the latest big data technologies into a single framework for unified management, metadata, security, and operations. The platform contains interactive user interfaces for code-free, self-service data discovery, data preparation, data exploration, data ingestion, and data pipelines.

It also offers pre-built solutions in Cask Market for rapid time-to-value for common use cases like EDW Offloading, Cloud Migrations, and Machine Learning.

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.

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At the Strata Data conference in New York, Attunity, a provider of data integration and big data management software solutions, showcased the new release of its data integration platform designed to address the changing needs of companies with advanced analytics and data management initiatives. According to Kevin Petrie, senior director and technology evangelist at Attunity, many legacy data integration tools are not able to handle the necessary volume and variety of data feeding to the cloud at the required performance levels.

Posted October 02, 2017


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