IGEL and CloudJumper Collaborate to Simplify the Deployment of Cloud Workspaces

IGEL, a provider of the next-gen edge OS for cloud workspaces, and CloudJumper are forming a partnership to simplify the deployment and management of cloud workspaces, including WVD workspaces delivered on Microsoft Azure.

By leveraging the secure and adaptive Linux-based IGEL OS, the companies are making it easier to adopt multi-session Windows 10 desktops and applications.

“CloudJumper offers a remarkably simple and cost-effective path to implement WVD cloud workspaces,” said Casey Cheyne, vice president, cloud partnerships, IGEL. “By matching their simple pricing model with technology and services that optimize costs by dynamically scaling server resources, they are able to deliver cloud workspaces that are secure, enterprise-grad, and WVD ready. CloudJumper is an ideal partner for IGEL as we move to support any cloud, any device, anywhere.”

The CloudJumper Cloud Workspace Management Suite (CWMS) is a simple software platform for managing all technology layers of a RDS/WaaS/VDI deployment.

The solution was designed to provision and manage cloud workspace solutions using existing infrastructure, hypervisors, and other technology investments.

CWMS aggregates all the layers of the cloud workspace stack, whether Azure, Google, AWS or private cloud, and delivers a centralized location to simply oversee, manage and control every aspect of the entire cloud workspace deployment. 

By combining CloudJumper’s CWMS and IGEL’s Workspace Edition and Enterprise Management Pack software which includes IGEL OS and IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS), enterprises can access a highly optimized Cloud DaaS solution ideal for all types of use cases.

 IGEL OS is a highly secure Linux distribution with a minimal attack surface to fortify your enterprise against malware.

It can run on any compatible 64-bit x86 device to extend endpoint hardware investments. Supporting more than 17 different remote display protocols, IGEL OS is purpose-built for enterprise access to virtual environments of all types.

IGEL UMS is built for security and ease of administration, featuring a drag-and-drop interface with policy driven controls as well as role-based access control, enabling easy management of tens of thousands of users with one full-time employee.

For more information about this news, visit www.igel.com.


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