IONIX Adds Threat Exposure Management Capabilities to its Attack Surface Management Platform

IONIX is extending its industry-leading Attack Surface Management (ASM) platform with Threat Exposure Radar, a threat exposure management capability fully integrated with an attack surface management solution.

According to the company, the product innovation provides a unified view of critical exposures from the entire, expanding, enterprise attack surface across cloud, on-premises, SaaS, and third-party systems.

It enables security teams to visualize and prioritize hundreds of attack surface threats into a manageable set of specific, actionable insights with one-click workflows to clear next steps, greatly simplifying and accelerating remediation.

With the Radar, IONIX’s platform now goes beyond traditional ASM tools to enable Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM or TEM), an advancement that provides a more holistic and continuous approach to exposing threats from the attacker’s perspective, according to the company.

Using Connective Intelligence, the IONIX platform provides unmatched attack surface visibility with continuous discovery and assessment. To expose threats, risks are prioritized in a business context, exploitability is actively validated, and threat intelligence is correlated with the organization’s inventory.

IONIX provides security leaders with strategic oversight and tactical steps needed to mobilize teams, report findings to executives and proactively reduce risk.

The product’s Attack Surface Risk Score simplifies understanding of overall security posture across multiple categories to track progress and investment returns. Now, with the Threat Exposure Radar added, IONIX consolidates hundreds of security findings into a single, strategic view with one-click access to actionable instructions for resolving the exposed or vulnerable assets, according to the company.

“The IONIX Threat Exposure Radar democratizes exposure management—its simplicity enables every security team to identify, prioritize and validate vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and security posture issues,” said Marc Gaffan, CEO of IONIX. “Security leaders now have a more practical approach to reducing security silos, gaining a holistic view of their attack surface and prioritizing their most critical threats. It’s the first step and foundation of any Exposure Management program.” 

The Threat Exposure Radar:

  • Includes both a visual radar-like view and a summary table with clickable drilldowns for deeper explanations into asset discovery and prioritization
  • Comprises hundreds of potential exposure insights, mapping even third-party digital supply-chain assets
  • Contains simple, color-coded details to highlight urgent security findings, with instant access to clear, human-language action items so that any team – security, DevOps, or IT can fix

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