Information Builders Introduces iWay Hadoop Data Manager for Big Data Lakes

The promise of the data lake is an enduring repository of raw data that can be accessed now and in the future for different purposes. To help companies on their journey to the data lake, Information Builders has unveiled the iWay Hadoop Data Manager.

The new solution provides an interface to generate portable, reusable code for data integration tasks in Hadoop, including data ingestion, transformation, and cleansing. The idea, the company says, is that by eliminating Hadoop coding it can help enable a more rapid response to business requirements and require less-expensive skill sets.

Addressing the demands of modern data integration which often requires rapid ingestion of data into a data lake from varied data sources, iWay Hadoop Data Manager shields users from the complexity of data ingestion, replacement, and de-duplication using Sqoop, Flume, and Information Builders’ iWay Service Manager without programming.

“Organizations don’t have to be left wondering if their big data integration choices are limited to complex native scripting on one hand and non-Hadoop tools on the other,” said Gregory Dorman, senior vice president and general manager of iWay Software. The goal with iWay Hadoop Data Manager, he said, is to reduce the complexity, cost, and training of Hadoop integration tasks.

Visit iWay website, for more information on iWay Hadoop Data Manager.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.


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