Jungle Disk Rebrands as CyberFortress

Following the integration and acquisition of several backup and recovery companies and solutions, Jungle Disk is rebranding as CyberFortress—a global company providing managed data backups built to prevent business disruption through rapid recovery. The acquisitions include KeepItSafe, LiveVault, and OffsiteDataSync from J2 Global.

The synergy of these combined products, services, and specialists enables CyberFortress to provide a level of security and speed unique to the industry, according to the vendor. For customers, the burden of managing such a complex and critical function can now be shifted to the credentialed backup and recovery specialists at CyberFortress.  

CyberFortress provides comprehensive backup, Disaster Recovery (DR) and recovery, with coverage for all of a company’s data protection needs, no matter its size. All backups are kept safe in a combination of highly secure, geo-separated data backup locations, and recovery can take as little as 15 minutes.

CyberFortress is also differentiated by the quality and training of its people. The company’s specialists follow a Four-Step Backup system, beginning with the creation of a data recovery map to understand what data a customer has, where it’s located, and what RTOs and RPOs are necessary.

After building and executing on a custom backup and recovery plan, CyberFortress then continuously backs up, monitors, and tests to help ensure data is ready for recovery at a moment’s notice.

Should a customer need to recover data, CyberFortress’ Rapid Recovery Force members are available directly by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year—no matter where or when a data emergency occurs.

“We saw that organizations were struggling to manage all their data, and especially to recover all of it when disaster strikes. The market lacked a comprehensive, secure solution that didn’t require half a dozen vendors. So, we crafted a plan to build a company that could provide that solution. Now, all across the world, from our headquarters in San Antonio to our facilities in Australia, CyberFortress is empowering customers everywhere with the fastest, most pain free data recovery experience,” said Bret Piatt, CEO of CyberFortress.

For more information about this news, visit https://cyberfortress.com.


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