Kinetica Unveils Solutions and Services to Jumpstart Application Deployment on its GPU-Accelerated Database

Kinetica, provider of an in-memory database accelerated by GPUs (graphics processing units) has introduced two new software and services offerings designed to help customers ingest and use streaming datasets through use of GPUs.

Since GPUs process many computations more efficiently and quickly than CPUs, the technology is well suited to handle streaming datasets, especially when location and time dimensions matter, such as data from the Internet of Things, according to Mike Perez, vice president of services, Kinetica. The new Accelerator programs, Kinetica Install Accelerator and Kinetica Application Accelerator, are aimed at helping customers integrate Kinetica into their environments.

The goal of the Kinetica Install Accelerator is to help install, configure and secure Kinetica inside an enterprise environment and provide organizations with the required skills to successfully operate Kinetica. It includes a pre-scoped 2-week consulting engagement to accelerate a Kinetica deployment and a 1-year license subscription for up to 1TB of memory.

In addition, the Kinetica Application Accelerator supports the design, building, and deployment of the first application using Kinetica. A Kinetica solution architect will work with the customer team to review application requirements, and assist in designing a solution and implementing the use case using Kinetica best practices. It includes a pre-scoped 2-to-4-week consulting engagement and a 1-year license subscription for up to 3TB of memory.

More information is available about the Install Accelerator and Application Accelerator from Kinetica.


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