Kintent Aims to Democratize Compliance with Latest AI-Powered Security Solution

Kintent, the programmatic, predictive Trust Assurance platform, is releasing its new TrustShare application, allowing software companies to pass security reviews quickly with AI-powered security questionnaire responses while also offering a dynamic trust portal to share security and privacy compliance status with prospects and partners.

TrustShare is the newest addition to the Trust Cloud platform, the smartest way for companies to complete audits, pass security reviews, and assess risk, according to the company.

The security review process is burdensome for both a software company and their potential new customer, often requiring dozens of people, spreadsheets, and emails to confirm important details about a company's compliance program.

The TrustShare application makes this process faster and more reliable by referencing a company's security program to generate a trust portal that shares compliance documentation with prospects and partners, reducing the number of questionnaires sent.

When a questionnaire has to be completed, TrustShare intelligently auto populates using AI trained on tens of thousands of security questions, plus information from a company's previous questionnaires and their existing security program, eliminating the need to maintain a static knowledge base.

"We're on a mission to democratize compliance, which means making it more accessible and transparent," said Sravish Sridhar, CEO and founder of Kintent. "The existing tools companies use to decide if they trust one another—questionnaires, spreadsheets, endless email back and forth—are seriously missing the mark. We're meeting an enormous need for solutions that provide reliable, accurate visibility into any organization's compliance and risk posture. As part of our Trust Cloud platform, TrustShare enables a better way of doing business, powered by instant risk and compliance verification."

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