Kyvos Insights Launches Self-Service OLAP Solution for Hadoop Analytics

Kyvos Insights, a big data analytics company, emerged from stealth mode to introduce a solution called Kyvos that it says provides insights from all corporate data, regardless of size and granularity. 

Kyvos Insights was founded by a team of veterans from Yahoo!, Impetus, and Intellicus Technologies with the goal of developing a solution that eliminates the traditional performance and scalability constraints of online analytical processing (OLAP), and offering the power of interactive analytics for big data

According to the vendor, Kyvos is unique because it brings a new model of OLAP to big data, allowing users to visually create and analyze “cubes on Hadoop.” Business users can access, visualize and interact directly with their data on Hadoop, at any scale, without relying on programmers. And, Kyvos supports all major Hadoop distributions including Apache Hadoop, Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR, giving enterprise customers the flexibility to use Kyvos, independent of their Hadoop vendor.

“Companies are collecting unprecedented amounts of data, but it’s very difficult for a business user to directly access and interact with this data in a meaningful way,” said Ajay Anand, vice president of products at Kyvos Insights. “Kyvos addresses this need by enabling interactive analytics on big data using Hadoop at any scale, with instant response times. Business users can now visually analyze their data and get insights instantly, without having to wait, so they can make smarter, more informed decisions.”

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