Looker Adds New Code-Free Instant Insight Feature

Looker, provider of a cloud data platform, has announced Instant Insight, a new feature that allows users to analyze their data without waiting for help from an analyst.

The new feature allows users who want a visual way to understand new datasets to leverage the processing power of modern database technology to discover insights without coding.

The new capability allows any Looker user to discover patterns and analyze metrics with a few clicks of the mouse. 

When initially working with unfamiliar data, and particularly big data, there’s no substitute for being able to explore and visualize it, said Daniel Mintz, chief data evangelist at Looker.  

Looker is also releasing a Chrome extension that makes Instant Insight functionality available directly from within the Google Cloud Platform’s petabyte-scale warehouse, BigQuery.

Rather than having to model the data before exploring it, or trying to open a huge file as a spreadsheet, Instant Insight enables users to get value from their data immediately, and makes sharing findings with colleagues seamless and secure, Looker says. To get started, users upload data files to their database of choice, and then a single click takes them to a point and click interface where they can start viewing and analyzing.

For more information, visit the Looker website.


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