Majority of Enterprises Lack Necessary Budget for Data Analytics

A new survey reveals that 87% of respondents lack the budget necessary to analyze their growing data stores despite the widespread recognition that a business’ success today lies in being able to take the data it possesses and use it to make decisions that deliver value to the organization’s data stakeholders. 

The results are outlined in “The 2021 Challenges of Massive Data Analytics Report,” from SQream, provider of a data analytics acceleration platform that enables enterprises to gain critical business insight from their massive data stores. The survey collected the feedback of hundreds of data professionals from around the world to get a first-hand look at some of the biggest challenges facing data professionals today. 

The survey focused on uncovering the challenges that companies face when it comes to analyzing their data, especially in light of the fact that the Global Big Data Analytics Market is growing at a CAGR of 12.3% and is expected to reach $105 billion by 2027, according to Gartner.

Among the findings:

  • 87% of organizations lack the budget they need to analyze their exponentially growing data stores;
  • 59% of organizations expect their data to grow by 50% or more in the coming year;
  • 82% of organizations face challenges when it comes to analyzing massive volumes of data.

“With enterprise data growing at levels never seen before, data professionals are challenged with how to rapidly analyze their data, at scale and while it is still relevant,” said Ami Gal, SQream CEO and co-founder. “The 2021 Challenges of Massive Data Analytics Report highlights what data leaders are experiencing both in terms of data growth, budgets and obstacles they are encountering in extracting critical business insights from their data. We believe this report provides invaluable insights that will help in meeting these challenges.”

Additionally, the survey also found that

  • 60% of organizations have over 500TB in their data stores, 77% of organizations carry out data analytics on over 50TB.
  • 99% of management teams understand the importance of data analytics, but larger organizations admit to being less prepared to handle increased data volume.
  • Companies face various challenges in their data analytics, #1 on the list are lengthy SQL queries that do not complete.
  • Addressing key data challenges is a top priority for 2021, #1 on the list at 59% is significantly increasing amount of data being analyzed.

The complete report can be downloaded from SQream at


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