MapR Adds JSON Support to MapR-DB

MapR Technologies, which provides a Hadoop distribution that integrates web-scale enterprise storage and real-time database capabilities, has added native JSON support to the MapR-DB NoSQL database. The in-Hadoop document database will allow developers to quickly deliver scalable applications that also leverage continuous analytics on real-time data.  

A developer preview of MapR-DB with sample code is available for download. General availability of these new capabilities in MapR-DB will be available in Q4 2015.

With the enhancements, developers benefit from the advantages of a document database combined with the scale, reliability and integrated analytics of enterprise-grade Hadoop and Spark.  “By deeply integrating a NoSQL document database deep into our platform, developers can quickly build new applications which demand ultra-low latency and huge flexibility in supporting different types of data all in one cluster,” explained Anil Gadre, senior vice president, product management, MapR Technologies.

According to MapR the enhancements will help organizations to better personalize and deliver high quality online shopping experiences, reduce risk and prevent fraud in real-time, as well as improve manufacturing efficiencies and lowering costs.

MapR-DB enables continuous analytics on real-time data, while reducing cluster sprawl, eliminating data silos, and lowering the TCO of data management. The native JSON support in MapR-DB will enable faster time-to-value by letting developers quickly create more business applications on more data types and sources. MapR-DB supports the Open JSON Application Interface (OJAI), which is designed to be a general purpose JSON access layer across databases, file systems, and message streams, enabling a flexible and unified interface to work with big data.

Software partner Visual Action has already begun integrating its Flaremap visualization software with the new JSON capabilities in MapR-DB and Apache Spark. To see an interactive demo application of the new MapR-DB JSON capabilities with Visual Action’s visualization software, visit here.

A developer preview package of MapR-DB with native JSON support is available and can be downloaded here.


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