MapR Increases User Productivity and Hadoop Support with Spyglass Initiative

MapR Technologies is introducing a new initiative that will help support Hadoop deployments and increase user and administrator productivity.

The first in a series of releases as part of the Spyglass Initiative, MapR is introducing new functionality to provide deep visibility with customizable dashboards to simplify the management of big data deployments. The new capabilities enable views into converged data across containers, processes, and components.

“This initiative opens up the data to our customers and helps them understand with such a granularity that they can make better use of their resources,” said Anoop Dawar, vice president of product management.

The Spyglass Initiative was formed to simplify the management of, and extend the value of, growing big data deployments

As part of the new initiative, new features in the MapR Converged Data Platform include deep search across cluster-wide metrics and logs; shareable multi-tenant dashboards; and extensible APIs for third-party tool integration.

 In addition, MapR has introduced the MapR Ecosystem Pack (MEP), an enhanced program for delivering the latest open source project versions while ensuring interoperability.  With MEP, customers now have certified packs of open source projects, released on a quarterly basis. MEP will also deliver updates on a monthly basis to address open source project bug fixes.

“This is bringing in the community to share best practices and get a better understanding of how to continue on with successes businesses have already had,” said Dale Kim, senior director of product marketing at MapR.

The more that advanced users can see in the usage of the cluster, the more they will benefit from this visibility Spyglass provides, added Dawar. Customers who like to create interesting and unique dashboards now have the opportunity to share this with other customers as well, he noted.

“If you look at the Spyglass initiative, to us, it’s just the beginning,” Dawar said. “We have created a foundational system to capture, analyze, and visualize. The sharing piece will get more pronounced as time goes by.”

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