MapR Ships Apache Drill 1.2 in its Hadoop Distribution

MapR is including Apache Drill 1.2 in its Apache Hadoop distribution and is also now offering a new Data Exploration Quick Start Solution, leveraging Drill to help customers get started more rapidly with big data projects. Apache Drill is an open source, low-latency query engine for Hadoop that delivers secure, interactive SQL analytics at petabyte scale. With the two announcements, MapR says customers and partners will able to more quickly leverage Drill to get fast business insights from all their data in Hadoop and other sources. MapR also released a comprehensive SQL-based test framework to the open source community. 

Version 1.2 of Apache Drill, which is now available in the MapR Distribution, offers extended SQL analytics functionality, better performance, deeper Hive integration, and improvements in overall enterprise manageability. 

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Drill 1.2 continues to deliver on the promise of ANSI-SQL and help companies reuse existing investments in BI/analytic tools, with the addition of SQL-compliant analytical and window functions. Drill 1.2 also offers better performance and scale for interactive workloads. Some of the capabilities include a new metadata cache mechanism which speeds up queries against 1000s of files and enhanced pushdown features for a variety of datatypes to enable faster queries on HBase and MapR-DB. And finally, Drill 1.2 also offers deeper integration and seamless deployment of Hive for ETL and Drill for interactive queries can take place simultaneously in the same cluster, enabling companies to leverage existing investments in Hive with Drill.

To help organizations embark on big data projects, MapR is offering the new Data Exploration Quick Start Solution, which enables companies to rapidly deploy self-service analytics on big data and discover new business insights faster.

In addition, MapR released a comprehensive SQL test framework to the open source community.  With over 10,000 tests developed over the course of several months, this framework is available for developers in the community to continue to maintain the enterprise quality of the Apache Drill project and accelerate community-driven innovation. 

Take advantage of free MapR On-Demand Hadoop training to get started on Drill.  

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