MapR Unveils Support for Event-Driven Microservices on Converged Data Platform

At Strata + Hadoop World, MapR Technologies, Inc. announced support for microservices that leverage continuous analytics, automated actions, and rapid response to better impact business as it happens.  The new capabilities in the MapR Converged Data Platform range from microservices application monitoring and management to integrated support for agile microservices application development.

Microservices are single-purpose applications that work in unison via lightweight communications. Event-driven microservices leverage event streaming engines (such as MapR Streams or Apache Kafka) as the communications system, and represent a popular approach to supporting big data solutions.

However, microservices by themselves do not deliver on their full promise without a converged platform that brings the data together, observed Anil Gadre, senior vice president, product management, MapR Technologies. According to MapR, support for event-driven microservices relies on underlying capabilities, including monitoring of cluster-wide operations and resource usage in a single pane of glass view; microservices-specific volumes for application versioning, simplifying the development lifecycle and production deployment; microservices for A-B and multivariate testing enabling rapid machine learning model development and optimization 

Event-driven microservices on its Converged Data Platform, says MapR, allow developers to combine machine learning and analytic functions directly on the data.  Microservices that leverage file, database, and streaming services can be orchestrated on the MapRConverged Data Platform with an underlying publish-and-subscribe framework that integrates data-in-motion and data-at-rest to support continuous and low latency processing. This approach integrates information from the latest events with deep insights from accumulated data.

According to MapR, with microservices applications and other converged application development simplified on the MapR Platform, developers can combine file, database, document, and streaming analytics functionality. Using a single line of code, developers can persist complex data types with JSON in MapR-DB, so they can focus on developing innovative features. In addition, customizable dashboards deliver of cluster hardware and software operations, utilization, and service logs.

The Exchange, part of the MapR Converge Community, provides a public forum for sharing best practices around microservices, dashboards, and code snippets.

MapR also introduced a Converged Application Blueprint to help speed the development of innovative applications. Included in the Blueprint is application source code to demonstrate how microservices combine to form a converged application that captures high speed streaming data, persists the data for historical analysis, and provides real-time analytics.

Microservices support is available now in the MapR Converged Community and Enterprise Editions of the MapR Platform. 


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