MapR’s 5.0 Hadoop Distribution: Big and Fast Data Processing

MapR Technologies, provider of Apache Hadoop, has announced changes to its services that will help enterprises deploy Hadoop quickly and securely.  

Map R is releasing version 5.0 of the MapR Distribution including Hadoop that will process big and fast data on a single data platform that enables a new class of real-time applications.

“Our vision is that companies are trying to get more operational with their analytics, so instead of having separate systems that have a day or more in between them, if we can mix and have the production and the analytic data together, it can really impact business as it’s really happening,”  said Jack Norris, chief marketing officer at MapR.

The latest MapR release auto synchronizes storage, database, and search indices to support complex, real-time applications to increase revenue, reduce operational costs, and mitigate risk.  MapR 5.0 also includes comprehensive security auditing, Apache Drill support, and the latest Hadoop 2.7 and YARN features.

“It’s not just about big data but it’s also about fast data on the same platform,” Norris said.

In addition to version 5.0, MapR is releasing MapR Auto-Provisioning Templates which will apply software-defined concepts that will enable organizations to quickly deploy a cluster with appliance-like convenience, and with the flexibility and choice of building a custom, enterprise-grade data platform.

The solution will support the deployment of a NoSQL database with MapR-DB, common Hadoop services such as YARN, MapReduce and Spark, and interactive SQL with Apache Drill.

“It’s about providing additional flexibility, speed and choice to customers as they look to deploy their Hadoop cluster,” Norris said. “This has been really well-received.”

Positive feedback about the solutions has led to MapR’s final announcement detailing how their business partners support them.

These new data-centric features from MapR couldn’t be more timely, as enterprises are leveraging Hadoop beyond batch analytics and driving new applications that drive up the consumption of personal and private data in Hadoop, said Jeremy Stieglitz, vice president, products at Dataguise.

“I think it is a sign how fast moving the industry is and we are focused on driving innovation to help customers improve their competitive position,” Norris said. “We think a key area is data agility and being able to respond in real-time. That’s what we’ve continued to build on and innovate.”

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