MemVerge Debuts Two New Solutions to Support CXL

MemVerge, provider of Big Memory software, is releasing two new software products, Memory Machine Cloud Edition and Memory Viewer. 

“These two new products help our customers solve their immediate memory challenges," said Charles Fan, CEO and co-founder of MemVerge. "As CXL gets ready for take-off, Memory Machine and Memory Viewer are also the first memory auto-tiering software suite to support CXL. Working with our hardware partners, we have taken the first step towards CXL pooled memory."

Memory Machine Cloud Edition software uses patented ZeroIO memory snapshot technology and cloud service orchestration to transparently checkpoint long-running applications and allow customers to safely use low-cost Spot Instances. Over time, Memory Machine Cloud Edition will form the basis of an infrastructure cloud service enabling applications to run across a multi-cloud environment.

Memory Viewer software provides system administrators with actionable information about DRAM, their most expensive and under-utilized asset.

As the world enters the CXL era of peta-scale pooled memory, better visibility into the health, capacity, and performance of memory infrastructure will become indispensable, according to the vendor.  Memory Viewer topology maps and heat maps provide system administrators new insights into their memory infrastructure. The software is free and available now for download.

“System vendors and end-users want to see CXL technology in action and they can now see it live,” said Christopher Cox, vice-president of technology at Montage Technology. “In the MemVerge booth at Flash Memory Summit, Montage Technology will be providing a live demonstration of a Redis workload accessing a Montage CXL memory expansion card with DDR5 memory composed by MemVerge Memory Machine software.”

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